The American 

Law Institute 88th Annual Meeting, May 16-18, 

2011. San Francisco

Oren Bar-Gill

Professor Oren Bar-Gill of New York University School of Law is one of two recipients of the Institute’s first Young Scholars Medals. The awards, created to call attention to academic work that is practical, is focused on the real world, and can influence law for the better, will be presented on Wednesday, May 18, at the Annual Meeting. Professor Bar-Gill’s medal recognizes his insights into consumer psychology, which are the basis for his proposal of specific legal solutions to match specific problems in the markets for cell phones, subprime mortgages, and credit cards.

Professor Bar-Gill, whose scholarship focuses on the law and economics of contracts and contracting, is the co-director of the NYU Center for Law, Economics and Business and the director of the Lederman/Milbank Fellowship Program in Law, Economics and Business at NYU. He joined NYU’s faculty in January 2005 from Harvard University, where he was a Fellow at the Society of Fellows, as well as an Olin Fellow at Harvard Law School. In 2009, Professor Bar-Gill coauthored “Mobile Misperceptions,” an article that ran in the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology. The piece, which discussed consumer confusion regarding cell phone contracts, attracted the attention of the Federal Communications Commission, which invited Professor Bar-Gill to present the paper’s findings to the Commission. He also consulted with FCC staff drafting new regulations for the cell phone and other telecommunications service markets. Among his other noteworthy  articles are “The Law, Economics and Psychology of Subprime Mortgage Contracts,” published in the Cornell Law Review in 2009 and winner of the Best Paper Award from the American College of Consumer Financial Services Lawyers, and “Seduction by Plastic,” which appeared in the Northwestern University Law Review in 2004. Professor Bar-Gill was elected a member of The American Law Institute in 2009.

From Tel-Aviv University, Professor Bar-Gill holds a B.A. in economics, magna cum laude; an LL.B., magna cum laude; an M.A. in law and economics, summa cum laude; and a Ph.D. in economics. He also holds an LL.M. and an S.J.D. in law and economics from Harvard Law School. From 1997 to 1999 Professor Bar-Gill served in the Israeli JAG, where he participated in criminal, administrative, and constitutional proceedings before various courts including the Israeli Supreme Court and the IDF Court of Appeals.

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